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    fieldGO is a market leading Enterprise Mobility Solution  (EMS) software company  known for it’s fully configurable, highly flexible and very scale-able enterprise mobility platform used by local government, utilities and contractors alike.


    The fieldGO EMS addresses the difficulties of delivering mobile software with potentially multiple different requirements. Unlike many standalone or business silo focused mobile systems, the fieldGO EMS provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying business level mobility requirements across an organisation.


    fieldGO’s cross-platform support considerations are often a big driver behind using the EMS solution – with the ability to deliver the solution to multiple mobile devices  (including smart phones, tablets, notebooks and ruggedized handhelds) with no changes to the underlying business logic.


    The fieldGO software is often best for companies that wish to deploy multiple business requirements on a single infrastructure, scaled to the size of their current mobile field force and fully available in both online and offline mode.


    We start by clearly identifying the objectives and deliverables of your mobility platform.

    This is the most critical step of the whole implementation process. We understand clients often need support in forming a clear vision and defining outcomes for their enterprise mobility solution. Our experience and expertise in dealing with local government, utilities and contractors allows us to quickly grasp your needs and propose best practice solutions.


    Configure the fieldGO software to seamlessly support all your business processes.

    Once the objectives are set and the requirements defined, we configure the fieldGO software in line with the unique processes of your business. Throughout configuration and testing you have full visibility of the project and the opportunity to be involved at every step of the process.


    Make sure your systems talk to each other with our sophisticated suite of integration tools.

    Integration is everything and our Data Pump interface is the key. Once the front end and back end are in sync we provide a smarter way to handle data with real time data transfer while maintaining the integrity of your core data.


    Install the fieldGO software on your servers and field devices for real time access in the field.

    We deploy the software to your servers or in the cloud, in line with any change control procedures. Once implemented, you can role out to all your field devices. And, of course, we’re here to help if you have any issues.



    Better decision making in the office and in the field

    The fieldGO software efficiently facilitates field data capture and work crew management for organisations with comprehensive field data capture needs.

    Field Application Software

    Connect to your crew out in the field, for scheduled works data capture and service requests.

    With the on-board database your crew can proactively address and respond to situations as they happen. Operating in real time on-line, data is uploaded to the Administration Management Console or, if off-line, stored on the device.

    Administration Management Console

    Use the fully configurable dispatcher for efficient crew and job management.

    The console and client toolkit allow for full configuration of the Field Application Software including page design and business driven workflow management in both on-line and off-line modes. Use the GIS mapping tool to ensure the right job is assigned to the right crew, with the most cost effective outcome.

    Data Pump

    A data integration system to provide two-way connectivity between fieldGO and backend systems.

    The Data Pump controls the level and timing of integration flows between various in-house software solutions and the fieldGO application.


    Designed to manage complex data for all your asset types, in one central place.

    The Webservice hubs lies at the heart of the fieldGO system gathering and managing data flow for all the components.