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    November 2020

    Optimising crew schedules and routes with new Unity Suite integration

    For any organisation that involves crews working out in the field, the scheduling of jobs and routing of crews to different locations can be challenging. Maximising the time crews can spend actually working as opposed to driving is the ultimate goal when optimising daily schedules. Harnessing technology is the best way for organisations to manage crews and the jobs they have to do as efficiently as possible.

    When AssetFinda and fieldGO became part of Univerus’s Unity Solutions suite, there had always been plans to integrate a fully featured scheduling and routing solution aimed specifically at work crews in the field. We’re excited to announce that the Unity C2 suite integration is now complete, and the scheduling and routing solution is available to help organisations achieve real workforce efficiency.

    The solution is designed to enable a crew to complete as many jobs in a day as possible. It automatically identifies time-saving opportunities such as:

    • The shortest route to each job
    • Scheduling jobs to maximise the jobs completed in a workday

    The Unity Scheduling and Routing Solution suite targets is a real driver for maximising workforce efficiency and provides a significant and fast ROI for end user organisations.

    The C2 solution has over 100 different customisable parameters to fit your business operation just the way you want. There are no limits to the number of times you can re-optimise your routes, making it a highly useful routing and planning tool.

    Keen to find out more about Unity Solution’s scheduling and routing solution? We’d love to chat with you about it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.