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    September 2020

    fieldGO product suite boasts exciting new updates

    Building and delivering your own mobile application is about to get even easier when the v7 release of fieldGO soon becomes available.

    More than a new version, v7 is a comprehensive upgrade right across our platform which provides next gen robust stability for our product suite so we can continually onboard and support exciting new technological enhancements.

    Here’s a sneak peek of the enhancements that are about to be released:  

    • A brand new toolset – this redefines and significantly simplifies the delivery of fieldGO apps
    • An entirely new control interface – providing a better, easier and more streamlined experience for all users
    • Simplified and faster data capture – having high-integrity data on hand significantly improves decision-making
    • New Dark vs Light mobile user interface to allow greater preferences for the end user
    • New and expanded GIS capabilities – including GIS data capture and editing
    • New Photo Capture tool – with a ‘Red Lining’ function
    • Scheduling and Routing Integration – providing you with the big picture and the detail at the touch of a button
    • Risk Management Integration – enhanced methods of reducing risk, and therefore costs, for your organisation

    In addition, we’ve also updated the Augmented Reality (AR) Integration feature. This is an enhanced version of reality created by technology to overlay digital information onto an image of something being viewed through a device like a smartphone.

    What this means for fieldGO users is to have ‘eyes under the ground’. It allows a visual of piping and underground networks, without having to actually go subterranean.

    These recent updates are designed to continually enhance our solutions ability to address the difficulties of delivering mobile software with potentially multiple different requirements.

    Unlike many standalone or business silo focused mobile systems, the fieldGO solution provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying business level mobility requirements across any organisation.

    Get in touch to find out more – we’ll start a discussion about your organisation and its requirements.