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    October 2017

    Mobilize your field crews with fieldGO’s Enterprise Mobile Solution (EMS)

    Take one step closer to mobilizing your field crews…

    Tune in on October 26th to learn about fieldGO’s new enterprise mobile HTML5 client. See the below time zones for your specific location:

    • 1:30pm (PST)
    • 7:30am (AEST)
    • 9:30am (NZST)

    For those unable to make the above time, the webinar will be made available via our website. An email notification will be sent out when it is available.

    About this webinar
    From increasing productivity to reducing operational costs, it’s time for agencies to look at how they can be more effective using fieldGO’s Enterprise Mobile Solution. Join Juan Ortiz, VP of Sales & Product Strategy and Francisco Seeto, Senior Consultant at fieldGO, as they reveal the new fieldGO HTML5 enterprise mobile client.

    The fieldGO solution is a professional grade enterprise mobile platform that provides agency personnel with real-time access to any back-office database through their smartphone, tablet or laptop regardless of where their work takes them.

    Seats are limited — Register Now to reserve your space today!

    To learn more about how your Agency can benefit by fieldGO’s Mobility, email us at to request a free demonstration

    About fieldGO™
    fieldGO is an international provider of a leading Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) for local government, utilities and contractors. Since 2004, fieldGO has been helping both public and private sector with mobile solutions for every aspect of field operations, from data capture and work crew scheduling to management of equipment, maintenance and customer care, allowing unsurpassed flexibility and work detail. For more information about fieldGO, visit