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    September 2017

    fieldGO™ Expands Operations to US Market

    fieldGO™ Expands Operations to US Market

    fieldGO™, the international provider of the fieldGO™ Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) software, announced today that it has begun operations in the United States. The company has been operating in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK since 2004. Entering the US market positions the company to bring leading edge mobility solutions to the U.S. and Canada.

    With this market expansion, US agencies, utilities, and contractors have access to more accurate field data capture and structured work management that eliminates redundant data entry. fieldGO’s EMS software connects public utilities, agencies, and related contractors to field operations through virtually any mobile device, and interfaces seamlessly with all major enterprise asset management solutions on the market today. The fieldGO™ solution is flexible and scalable to allow agencies of all sizes to efficiently manage worker activity, schedule and dispatch work, ensure regulatory compliance, and monitor/report asset locations and conditions.

    “To date, US utility agencies have had to find work-arounds for their back end systems to communicate information to their field operations, consuming extra time, and leaving them vulnerable to significant inefficiencies. fieldGO™ will streamline workflows and save substantial time in all field operations, from checking on asset status, to compliance, scheduled maintenance, and repairs,” said Juan Ortiz, Vice President of Sales & Product Strategy fieldGO™. “There is a clear need in the US market for a robust, flexible and scalable mobile solution, and we’re excited to offer the solution to address the need in the US.”

    About fieldGO™

    fieldGO™ is an international provider of a leading Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) for local government, utilities and contractors. Since 2004, fieldGO™ has been helping both the public and private sector with mobile solutions for every aspect of field operations, from data capture and work crew scheduling to management of equipment, maintenance and customer care, allowing unsurpassed flexibility and work detail. For more information about fieldGO™, visit

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