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    November 2015

    Frankston City Council use fieldGO for roads

    Frankston City Council are using fieldGO for works management around all roading asset classes.

    Frankston City Council began using the fieldGO solution in 2012 with a pilot implementation for their tree maintenance team and in 2013 broadened this approach to take in general road maintenance.

    Beginning with an initial assessment on their mobile devices they can transition into remediation work onsite, further desktop work and further rectification work onsite all as required.

    In late 2014, the Council further extended their roading implementation of fieldGO to include planned inspections which link seamlessly to their existing mobile workflow to create work orders for all issues identified during a roading inspection.

    The brief

    The Council required a broadened use of fieldGO and in 2013 created a project to implement a works management module for reactive works management on roading assets. This module initially utilised fieldGO and a custom in-house SQL server based database system. After proving the reliability of fieldGO, the Council began a project to move the works management back-end into a dedicated asset management product called Infor IPS.

    In late 2014, the Council outlined plans to add an inspections module to their mobilised road works management activities. With the inspections module, the mobile field operator is able to work through all identified defects and create work orders that would flow through the existing works management process.

    The outcome

    Frankston City Council now have a mature and robust mobility solution for their roadwork inspections and maintenance activities. This fieldGO mobility solution utilises rugged Windows based tablets for use in the field and it integrates seamlessly with their back-end works management systems and processes. This provides the Council with measurable efficiencies in both terms of more reliable and accurate data as well as time savings.

    The Council went ‘live’ with their latest module mid 2015 and definitely feel they have systems in place that give them a high level of control and accountability in regards to their road based works management.

    “The fieldGO solution supports business workflow and ensures the complete data is collected. Our end users find the system is easy to use.” Julia Osmolovskaya – Frankston City Council