fieldGO is a market leading Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) software company known for it’s fully configurable mobile software works management platform that will create significant efficiencies, save costs and reduce risk to your business.

    fieldGO gives organisations a real-time view of field works and easily integrates with multiple back-end systems at any time – creating a genuine long-term approach to mobile works management across your organisation.

    The fieldGO software is often best for companies that wish to deploy multiple business requirements on a single infrastructure, scaled to the size of their current mobile field force and fully available in both online and offline mode.

    Transforming businesses with enterprise mobility

    As your enterprise mobility business partner, fieldGO (and its global partners) will provide your organisation with the
    software platform and support to help you ensure a truly successful mobility implementation and deployment.


    We start by
    clearly identifying
    the objectives
    and deliverables
    of your mobility


    Configure the
    fieldGO system
    to seamlessly
    support all
    your business


    Make sure your
    systems talk
    to each other
    using our
    integration tools.


    Configure reports
    using data direct
    from job forms
    with the fieldGO


    Install the fieldGO
    software on your
    servers and
    deploy to mobile
    devices for real
    time field access.

    Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific 2010
    Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific 2012
    Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific 2012
    Deloitte Technology Fast50 Asia Pacific 2012

    Why choose us?

    Having been in business for over 13 years – fieldGO truly understands how to deliver mobility at an enterprise level. We look forward to partnering with you to ensure your success in this complex business process.

    Global reach

    Our global reseller partner Infor has significant traction in all major world markets.
    Our global solutions dispatch and scheduling partner FLS is fast, lean and smart.