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    SouthRoads rolls out fieldGO across the business

    Civil contractor SouthRoads has extended its application of the fieldGO software with a new market leading Contract Management Solution (G2) to include ‘live’ customer interaction.

    Initially the software was used to dispatch roading jobs and to capture inspection and repair data for its Waitaki District Council network contract.

    Extending the usage of this industry leading enterprise mobility solution to incorporate all jobs in real time across the region means information is now be available for viewing both internally and by Waitaki District Council staff.  Both SouthRoads and Council staff can view, report and approve jobs in real time – creating significant contract management efficiencies and promoting closer ties between the businesses.

    SouthRoads is using the G2 platform across all operations, including civil engineering, construction and repair projects. A further extension is planned to complete the quotation aspect, which will be used for contract and tender processes. This will include a full pricing engine to support the pricing of scheduled items and materials. The software will then be used to automatically create and schedule monthly work for an entire financial year – streamlining the administration of bulk funded contracts, quality assurance and health and safety.