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Manage your entire civil jobs program with our handy siteGO app

A secure enterprise mobility solution for managing multiple work sites across
geographically diverse locations to deliver measurable results.


Get the big picture
and the detail
at the touch of a button.


One mobile platform for project
management, crew scheduling
and health & safety.


Information on the ground,
in real time,
when & where you need it.

Quick to install, simple to use

This easy-to-install app can improve crew performance with streamlined practices, automation of repetitive tasks and real-time communication between head-office and on-site personnel.

A cost-effective solution that scales

siteGO easily scales with your workflow and workforce – up to 1000 users. Perfect for medium-sized businesses, managing multiple crews of 10-50 members, it can be customised to fit your needs.

Prioritise crew safety

Our pre-configured templates ensure health & safety compliance and allow managers to track and control multiple jobs as they happen.


the project

Set up jobs, organise sub-contractors and manage your entire project management portfolio in real time.


planning & permits

Make sure project-specific plans and required permit approvals are in place and transparent to the entire project team.


health & safety

Record critical information to improve health & safety compliance, with automated incident report forms and one-touch emergency number buttons, all from a single mobile platform.


everyday tools

Collect real time data and accurate site information to make informed decisions from a centralised hub of site-specific tools such as job logs, timesheets and plant inspections.


be informed

Know the outcomes of a single-site and drive profitability, by empowering management with the right information, to optimise entire portfolio outcomes.


job done

Reduce manual and repetitive approvals by allowing managers to assign on-site personnel accountable for each project sign-off stage.